Donetsk, Nov 15 – DAN. Ukrainian side at the Minsk talks is still unready to embark on a meaningful dialog, said DPR acting Foreign Minister Natalia Nikonorova, commenting on the today's meeting results.

"Kiev's arguments have lately shrunk to reading one and the same text all over again, every meeting. Kiev prefers language of ultimatums to a responsible, consistent discussion, stating that they are not going to discuss the issues on the agenda, coordinated with the Contact Group," she said in her commentary to DAN.

Nikonorova added that Kiev refrains from discussing the key issue on the agenda – a compromise way to enact Donbass special status law. Besides, Kiev's representatives keep blocking the work inside the political subgroup citing lack of appropriate powers and referring to the Normandy Four.

"The situation can not be settled without mutual understanding on all political issues and without providing Donbass with a special status in accordance with the Package of Measures. By avoiding this provision Kiev shows apparent neglect of its international obligations and the Normandy Four countries' efforts, which have twice coordinated a compromise mechanism of enacting the special status, and, which is the most important here, Kiev shows its unwillingness to reach peace," she said. *ot