Donetsk, Nov 25 – DAN. Ukrainian Council of national security and defense has come up with an ill-founded denials of the Donbass deportation plans, said DPR parliament committee for criminal and administrative law chairwoman, lawyer Elena Shishkina.

Earlier some media leaked a letter by the security council secretary Alexey Danilov to head of the presidential administration, state security head and prime minister suggesting to open administrative and criminal cases against Donbass residents who are not “pro-Ukrainian” and to relocate them either to Russia or to central and western Ukraine for a “rehabilitation”. Danilov issued a comment on November 22 dismissing the document as a "fake disseminated by Russia".

"The best retraction on the part of Danilov and Zelensky would have been commitment to the Minsk Agreements, providing Donbass with special status by amending Ukraine's constitution. Nevertheless, Kiev cynically proves its commitment to fascism and nazism in the eyes of the international community even trying to deny their position towards Donbass," Shishkina said.

The lawyer said that she had examined the document and considers it authentic on a number of grounds. The plan is compatible with the council's purview, it is published on official letterhead identical with other documents available at the council's website. It is dated October 29, the day when Zelensky discussed reintegration issues with the council representatives at a forum in Mariupol, and disengagement began in Stanitsa Luganskaya. Shishkina said that the two major events were the background of the document.

She has also dismissed Danilov's words on the wrong address mentioned on the letterhead.

"The old street name is used on 2019 documents thought the street's name has been changed from Komandarma Kameneva to Petra Bolbochana as part of the "decommunisation" efforts. Danilov's words do not stand up to scrutiny as he does not know what letterhead his organization uses."

Shishkina said that he had just proved the authenticity of the document which she characterized as a plan for genocide. *ot