Donetsk, Sep 15 - DAN. Ukrainian negotiators in the Contact Group rejected the idea to write the minutes of the Minsk talks, a source at the Donetsk People’s Republic Foreign Ministry said on Wednesday.  

“As the Contact Group started its session with a discussion on the procedure, the Ukrainian representative voiced a very strange position saying that keeping the records of the Contact Group and its subgroups' sessions was “rusticity” and that Kiev was ready to record, in written form, only the accords reached by the parties, but not the course of the talks,” a DPR diplomat said.

To reach at least some constructiveness, DPR representative at the talks Natalia Nikonorova called for “forgetting all the differences on the procedure” but Ukraine did not agree to it either.

“Mr Reznikov (first deputy head of Kiev’s delegation in the Contact Group - eds Donetsk News Agency) stated the following:  “We’ve seen all your proposals, they don’t suit us; we don’t give our consent to the discussion of the procedure.” The only proposal brought forward by Kiev was for the OSCE to prepare the Minsk sessions procedure,” the Foreign Ministry said.

Donbass Republics representatives called for developing and adopting the operating procedure for the Contact Group and its subgroups in April 2015. No progress has been made in the solution of the problem since.*jk