Donetsk, Oct 28 – DAN. Kiev's representatives in the Contact Group rebuff meaningful dialog and are fabricating new ways to protract the talks, said DPR acting Foreign Minister Natalia Nikonorova.

"Another round of talks ended without any significant results: Kiev shies away from any profound dialog," she said in her comment to DAN.

This time, Nikonorova explained, Ukraine refused to discuss the main issue of political agenda – Donbass special status law enactment – on the presumption that the Steinmeier's formula is a part of the road map developed by the Normandy Four. The argument surprised the LPR representatives as all political issues are in any way included in the road map. This, Ukraine almost openly suggested to block the talks in Minsk.

Nikonorova added that Kiev suggested moving on to discussing border control issues, having forgotten that this agenda point becomes negotiable only upon political settlement of the Donbass crisis.

"All of it shows that Kiev is more committed to developing ways to protract the talks rather than discussing particular agenda to reinstall peace," she said.

The next meeting in Minsk is scheduled for November 15. *ot