Donetsk, Dec 21 – DAN. Kiev's political obligations under Minsk Agreements are not fulfilled, said DPR acting foreign minister Natalia Nikonorova commenting the final political subgroup meeting in 2016.

"To summarize the results both of this meeting and overall 2016 we must acknowledge that neither of political articles of the Package of Measures was fulfilled by Ukraine. We were expecting to hear Kiev's official position at last, but our opponent's rhetoric has not changed."

Nikonorova explained that Ukraine reps cite the Normandy Four format and the absence of a road map, "substituting meanings and notions, and block substantial discussion of political issues within the political working group"

She added that Kiev ignores the fact that the subgroups work within the framework of the Package of Measures, thus protracting negotiations and disregarding the Normandy Four leaders' instructions.

"Our position remains unchanged: it is necessary to embark on direct, straightforward, efficient dialog as soon as possible, to implement all the articles of the Package of Measures."*ot