Donetsk, Jun 8 - DAN. Ukrainian representatives in the Contact Group subgroup on political issues restricted, for the other negotiating parites, the access to the information on the Road Map draft sent to the OSCE, Donetsk People’s Republic representative in the political subgroup, DPR Deputy Foreign Minister Natalia Mikhailova said on Tuesday.

“Ukraine decided that it is possible to agree the settlement of the Donbass conflict not with the Republics’ representatives, as the other party to the conflict, but face-to-face with the OSCE coordinator (Pierre Morel - eds Donetsk News Agency),” Mikhailova said.  It is shown by the sending of certain confidential information concerning the Road Map draft to the coordinator. As a result, the other participants are unable to see the Ukrainian vision of the political conditions for conflict settlement, which, in turn, is a gross violation of the Minsk Agreements.”

The DPR deputy foreign minister said that Kiev’s “secret” talks with the OSCE coordinator are a new element to delay the process. The Ukrainian delegation, without giving reasons for its position, ignored the Republic’s calls for stepping up the discussion over the implementation of the Contact Group’s instructions to prepare and coordinate the joint Road Map draft, she said.

The DPR and the LPR sent the Contact Group a road map draft on implementing the Minsk Agreements in October 2020. Ukraine initially did not respond, but a month later, Kiev presented its own “step-by-step plan.”  It turned out that 78 percent of the document was a gross violation of the Package of Measures. In response, the DPR Foreign Ministry prepared detailed comments. Earlier, the Republics repeatedly stated that the Minsk talks were actually blocked due to Kiev’s adopting the local election resolution whose article 4 was at odds with the Minsk Agreements.*jk