Donetsk, Aug 23 – DAN. The DPR will have not only leader's and parliamentary elections but also a referendum on its status, Denis Pushilin, DPR head of the People's Council, told TASS news agency.

"A possibility of postponing elections and extending the head's and deputies' term of office is being widely discussed in our society. Internal and external policy, economic and military situation are being cited as pros and cons" he said.

"It is still difficult for me to say which decision shall be made, we'll see. But one scenario is obvious at this stage, it is about the extension of the Donbass special status law."

"Ukraine hints at a possibility of the law's expiration, but it shall mean Kiev's abandoning of the Minsk Agreements and any perspective of building treaty relationship between Kiev and Donbass, any resumption of trade, etc. It shall become clear that integration is impossible and that we have to build up our independence as soon as possible."

"In this case, we will have to organize head's and parliamentary elections, and municipal elections in addition. We have been postponing them under the Minsk Agreements. But if Kiev withdraws from the agreements, we shall carry them out on our own," Pushilin said.

"A popular referendum shall be needed with a more precise question than in 2014. For example, Do you support the DPR independence and sovereignty? This is the scenario. Honestly, it would be for the best," he concluded.

Earlier a number of DPR and LPR public figures came forward with the proposition to consider postponement of leaders' and parliamentary elections scheduled for this autumn, to enable current leaders to deliver on their programs of social and economic development. *ot