Donetsk, Jun 8 - DAN. Ukraine has been blocking all attempts to revive the negotiations in the Contact Group subgroup on political issues for more than three months, the press service of the Donetsk People’s Republic delegation in the Contact Group reported on Tuesday.

“The parties in the working group have been unable to resume at least some kind of negotiations over political issues for more than three months,” the delegation said.

Ukrainian representatives continue to show indifference to the peaceful settlement of the conflict ignoring any instructions by the Contact Group. The Donetsk also noted the urgent need to work out a road map to break the deadlock.

The DPR and the LPR sent the Contact Group a road map draft on implementing the Minsk Agreements in October 2020. Ukraine initially did not respond, but a month later, Kiev presented its own “step-by-step plan.”   It turned out that 78 percent of the document was a gross violation of the Package of Measures. In response, the DPR Foreign Ministry prepared detailed comments. Earlier, the Republics repeatedly stated that the Minsk talks were actually blocked due to Kiev’s adopting the local elections resolution whose article 4 is at odds with the Minsk Agreements.*jk