Donetsk, Aug 8 - DAN. The Donetsk People’s Republic government is considering the opportunity to pay Kiev’s wage debt to Voda Donbassa utility personnel, DPR Construction and Housing and Public Utilities Minister Sergey Naumets said.

“The DPR government is working on the problem. By the end of this year, the Republic will raise 300 million rubles to clear the wage debt to Ukrainian company personnel,” Naumets said.

He said that keeping skilled employees at the company was a priority for the Republic’s leadership.

Earlier reports said that Voda Donbassa's financial situation was critical. Wages have not been paid to its employees at Kiev’s order since 2018. The economic subgroup in Minsk is trying to resolve the crisis.

Voda Donbassa is the key regional supplier of drinking water to 300 towns and villages on both sides of the contact line.*jk*pp