Donetsk, Nov 9 - DAN. Ukrainian side deliberately protracts the work of the political subgroup of the Contact Group, refusing to negotiate Steinmeiers's formula implementation, DPR delegation to Minsk talks head press secretary said.

"The results of the 50th meeting of the Contact Group working group on political issues are far from being optimistic. The negotiators did not manage to advance in discussion of the Steinmeiers's formula implementation and protocol", Victoria Talakina said.

"The Steinmeiers's formula has been approved by the Normandy Four leaders, including Ukrainian president, and refusal to discuss the formula is a deliberate protraction."

Talakina noted that DPR delegation head Denis Pushilin considers political issues to be the basis for peaceful settlement of Donbass crisis and insists on following the previously achieved agreements.

"DPR representative drew the participants' attention to the fact that adopting Protocol would resolve a number of technical issues impeding the work of the Contact Group. DPR and LPR have been continuously emphasizing the need of a Protocol."

Political subgroup participants gathered today in Minsk after DPR and LPR envoys met the subgroup's OSCE coordinator.

Steinmeier 's formula outlines the principles of implementation of the Ukrainian law “On local self-government order in certain areas of the Donetsk and Lugansk region”. According to the German Foreign Minister plan, the law should be enforced on the day of local elections on a temporary basis, and permanently upon OSCE publishing its report on the elections outcome. DPR has repeatedly urged to introduce a Protocol of the Minsk talks.