DPR acting Foreign Minister Natalia Nikonorova said that the Donbass Republics are fully delivering on their commitments under the Minsk Agreements.

"The main obstacle on the way to political settlement is Ukraine's intransigent position. The Ukrainian side makes every step to protract the conflict. Ukraine has not implemented any of the Package of Measures articles in full: the law on the Donbass special status has not been applied even for a day, the law on amnesty has not been signed by the parliament's chairman, the constitutional reform has passed only the first reading and without any coordination with Donbass, local elections are blocked by Ukraine's new law on its sovereignty resumption.

"Against the background of all these actions, or rather inaction and blockade, the murder of the DPR Head Alexander Zakharchenko took place, perpetrated by the Ukrainian special services, which only proves our assumptions are true.

"These conditions forced the Republic's parliament to security the continuity of legitimate executive power and to schedule the Head and the People's Council members elections for November 11.

"There are approximately 2.5 mln people living in the Republic and leaving them without legitimate authority's means leaving them no choice.

"The elections scheduled for November 11 are in full compliance with the Republican law and do not contradict the Minsk Agreements, as the Package of Measures covers only local elections. "Articles 4, 9 and 12 thereof stipulate coordination of the elections modality between Kiev and Donbass. Neither DPR nor LPR has held local elections and has no such plans.

"The Republics remain reliable partners in the Minsk peace talks," Nikonorova said.*ot