Donetsk, Jul 19 – DAN. Ukrainian representatives in the political working group of the Contact Group still ignore their responsibilities by trying to swerve from the Minsk Agreements, said DPR acting Foreign Minister Natalia Nikonorova.

"Today we are saddened to confirm the lack of dynamics in the talks of the political group. The situation we are in is a direct consequence of Ukrainian side's setback in what comes to dutiful implementation of the Minsk Agreements," she said.

Nikonorova explained that Kiev still ignores its responsibilities originally assumed by the country's government, and tries to avoid a direct dialogue with the Republics' representatives despite the need to agree on all the subjects.

DPR acting Foreign Minister emphasized it is necessary the countries guaranteeing the Minsk Agreements implementation should interfere as they signed documents saying they were ready to assist the peacemaking.

"In the situation where Ukraine does nothing, it is necessary to execute pressure on Kiev in order to confirm the mechanism of enacting the law on Donbass special status and full, unconditional implementation of the Minsk Agreements after a sustained and meaningful harmonization of all the details and modalities with the representatives of the Republics."

Today another meeting of the Contact Group political subgroup took place in Minsk. The Contact Group is holding talks at the moment. *ot