Donetsk, Aug 30 – DAN. Ukrainian claims that it wants to settle the Donbass conflict within half a year are doubtful, said DPR Foreign Minister Natalia Nikonorova.

"This is a very optimistic outlook on the Kiev's side as it has not properly fulfilled any of its commitments on the Minsk Agreements in five years. We are quite skeptical about such bold statements given the experience. New Ukrainian authorities have already showcased their "creative approach" to the Minsk Agreements, and every new initiative they come up with just makes the prospect of a political settlement more remote."

"The new Foreign Minister Vadim Pristaiko does not care if the conflict is settled by fulfilling the Minsk Agreements or by a foreign peacekeeping mission. We hope that there is an understanding that the Package of measures is one and only possible mechanism of settlement, supported by the UN Security Council and thus mandatory." *ot