Donetsk, Aug 21 - DAN. The first DPR-manufactured tram called “I’m Donetsk-made” featuring all modern conveniences such as wi-fi  was presented at the city’s Electrical Engineering Plant on Tuesday.

Donetsk People’s Republic Head Alexander Zakharchenko attended the ceremony. He thanked the company personnel for their efforts.

“I wish to say words of gratitude to the workers and administration. I’m proud and the whole Republic is proud,” Zakharchenko said.

The presentation ceremony was attended by DPR Council of Ministers deputy chairmen Dmitriy Trapeznikov and Alexander Timofeyev, DPR Industry and Trade Minister Alexey Granovskiy and Electrical Engineering Plant director Vadim Tatsenko.

“The domestic production of trams will provide a new means of transportation to the Republic’s residents and contribute to production effectiveness on the whole,” the Industry and Trade Ministry said.

Tram trials are scheduled to begin later this week along the route linking the Donetsk Metallurgical Plant and the railway station.

The production of the pilot model lasted some five months. Earlier reports said that the first ten domestically produced trams would renew the Donetsk fleet of electric transport.

“We used Czech-produced centre girder as mainframe, and completely overhauled the interior and exterior. The passengers will find it comfortable; the driver’s cabin will have electronic equipment and an air conditioner. The tram has zinc-coated body, new wiring and electronic parts,” the Ministry said adding that 80 percent of parts were produced in the DPR and that the remaining 20 were imported from the Russian Federation.

The DPR prepared facilities for tram production, according to the Ministry. Meanwhile, one of the Electrical Engineering Plant shops was renovated and retooled for tram production.

The Donetsk Electrical Engineering Plant launched the tram project in December 2017.*jk