Donetsk, May 29 – DAN. Kiev has an intention to avoid the Minsk Agreements implementation by all means, said DPR Foreign Minister Natalia Nikonorova commenting on the statement of deputy head of the Ukrainian delegation to the Minsk talks Alexander Merezhko.

He said in an interview to Levyi Bereg news outlet that it is technically challenging to incorporate Donbass special status in the country's Constitution. Merezhko believes that the Minsk Agreements have come to an end on December 31, 2015. Now the sides are able to develop them or fill with new content. Besides, Ukraine has the right to withdraw from the accords, and western sanction against Moscow "will still be in place".

"Merezhko not only revealed that Kiev has no plans for incorporating Donbass special status into the Constituton, but also openly voice Kiev's intention to withdraw from the Minsk talks," Nikonorova said.

Now, she said, "it becomes clear what is Kiev's plan B, which Ukrainian officials have been talking about lately".

Nikonorova urged the international community, first of all, the OSCE as the mediator in the talks, and guarantor countries to estimate Kiev's statements. *ot