Donetsk, Jan 29 – DAN. Members of the Contact Group working group on security issues have not achieved any compromise on resuming the Vodafone mobile services on the DPR territory, said the Republic's top negotiator Denis Pushilin.

"Despite the fact that the broken part of the communication line is located in the Kiev-controlled territory, while its failure mostly affected Donbass residents – pensioners, low income families, disabled people, still Ukraine keeps blaming the Republic for blocking repair works," he said.

Pushilin said that talks will continue at the meeting of the Contact Group on January 31, the OSCE will mediate the negotiations.

On January 11, the DPR was cut off from the last Ukrainian mobile carrier MTS-Ukraine (Vodafone) services after an emergency disconnection of communication channel outside Elenovka, leaving the Phoenix operator the only provider of mobile call service. Sales of DPR Phoenix mobile operator starter kits grew immediately. The Ministry of Communications said that it would take up to a month to restore mobile services.*ot