Donetsk, Mar 5 - DAN. Activists of the Donetsk Republic movement, the leading socio-political force in the Donetsk People’s Republic, called for drawing and adopting a local self-rule law. The initiative was brought forward at the Donbass Power forum in Donetsk on Tuesday.

“Donetsk Republic” Kirov district public reception office head  Svetlana Bezrukova said the population urgently needed local self rule represented by local councils which the Republic lacked at the present time. DR Central Executive Committee chairman Alexey Muratov shared her view saying the parliament had to draw the appropriate legislation.

“It is important to each DPR resident living in urban or rural areas to be directly involved in state development.  The best opportunity is provided by interaction with local self-rule bodies,” Muratov said in a statement to the DPR parliament. “It is the self-rule bodies that are responsible for maintenance of social and cultural infrastructure facilities, transport, land policy and other vital elements.”

Delegating a number of government functions will enhance the effectiveness of and speed up  the decision-making at the local level, Muratov said.

“The law on local self-rule bodies will become an important element of DPR statehood and make effective economic and social groundwork for local self-rule. It has to set the key principles for forming local self-rule bodies and holding their elections and define their authority, financial/material assets for policy implementation and municipal property rules. In view of human rights observation in the territory of the Donetsk People’s Republic we ask you to expedite the consideration and adoption of the law “on local self-rule bodies,” Muratov’s statement said. *jk