Donetsk, Sep 30 - DAN. The Economic Council, established within the framework of the treaty on a common economic space of the Donbass Republics has held its first session, the administration of the Donetsk People’s Republic Head reported on Thursday.

“Donetsk People’s Republic Head Denis Pushilin and Lugansk People’s Republic Head Leonid Pasechnik held the first session of the Single Economic Council, within the framework of the agreement on establishing a common economic space between the two Republics,” the DPR Head Administration said.

The Council decided to approve the provision on a Single Economic Commission and the uniform customs tariff of the common customs space. It also decided that the Council’s acts would be published on the official websites of the heads of state until the Commission launches its own official website.

In early September, the DPR and the LPR agreed to establish a common economic space. The signing of a treaty on one customs space had to become the first step towards this goal. The accords were reached at the top-level meeting on September 15.  The parliaments of the two countries ratified the treaty on September 22. The treaty comes into force after the exchange of the instruments of ratification between the foreign ministries of the two Republics. *jk