Donetsk, Apr 28 — DAN. A Ukrainian projectile has hit the Hand Microsurgery Department of the Republican Trauma Center in the Donetsk People’s Republic capital, DPR Deputy Healthcare Minister Anastasia Martynova told reporters on Friday.

“According to preliminary information, five multiple rocket launcher rounds impacted on the area; the roof of the main building, the Hand Microsurgery Department, took a direct hit, ” Martynova said.

Damage has been caused to the magnetic resonance imaging scanner which was installed late last year, she added.

Republican Trauma Center (RTTs) Director Andrey Boryak told the Donetsk News Agency that the scanner had taken minimal damage unlike the cooling equipment mounted on the exterior of the hospital.

The impact smashed some 50 windows causing damage to the roof and walls, Boryak said.

Earlier reports on Friday said that Ukrainian gunmen had opened fire at the Kievsky district of Donetsk including the area which accommodates the DPR Information Ministry and the Republican Trauma Center. At least seven people were killed. The Trauma Center said that it had admitted 19 wounded people. These are preliminary casualty figures; updates might follow.*jk

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