Donetsk, May 27 - DAN. Samara regional authorities have delivered utility equipment and ambulances to Snezhnoye in the DPR to carry out utility works in the town.

The DPR Head Denis Pushilin and the Governor of the Samara Region Dmitry Azarov attended the event.

“Now a serious, wide program is being launched, as regions of the Russian Federation take patronage over cities and regions (in the DPR). The Samara region was one of the first to put it into practice, the corresponding agreement will be signed. But even today, the necessary equipment has been delivered before the signing," Pushilin said.

Three KamAZ side loader garbage trucks, a KamAZ dump truck, a KamAz-based drain cleaning truck, a bulldozer, a grader, a Gazel Duet Lada 21310 4×4 vehcile, two Lada 1310 4×4 ambulances, two Ford intensive care ambulances have been delivered to Snezhnoye today and will remain there until the work is complete. 

The Samara region has also provided computers and equipment for the School. No 8 in Snezhnoye. *ot