Mariupol, May 4 — DAN. A kindergarten built from scratch has opened in the city of Mariupol. Donetsk People’s Republic Acting Head Denis Pushilin took part in the opening ceremony.

“It’s really a place where you want your children to keep themselves busy and have all their needs met, ” Pushilin said. “Special thanks to military construction workers.”

It is fully equipped which the educators find very helpful. Parents will be happy, too, while for children, it’s a paradise, he added.

“There were no structures in this place before; the kindergarten has been built from scratch. The pre-school facility comprises six groups; one of the groups is for children with speech delay, ” kindergarten director Tatyana Rodionova said.

She noted that the kindergarten had been built in eight months.

It is 100-percent equipped thanks to the financial assistance of the Defense Ministry. On May 10, a fully-staffed kindergarten will welcome 113 children, Rodionova said. *jk