Donetsk, Feb 23 — DAN. The Prokofyev Music College in Donetsk has been damaged in shelling by Ukrainian forces on Thursday afternoon; three craters were produced by missile impacts next to the building.

Representatives of the Joint Centre for Control and Coordination of issues related to Ukraine’s war crimes and Russia’s Investigative Committee gathered the evidence of Kiev’s using western weapons. Shell fragments found at the scene show that Kiev forces had fired US-made high mobility artillery rocket systems supplied to Ukraine as part of military assistance.

Two craters were found several meters from the college and one missile damaged the Rosa Luxemburg road nearby. The other side of the road accommodates two food shops and residential buildings. A heat supply line was supposedly damaged as vapor was rising from one of the craters. The artillery attack smashed music college windows and wrecked its entrance doors and fence.

Earlier reports said that the strike at Donetsk was delivered from the Kiev-held Konstantinovka at 11:15. The enemy fired six missiles. In Donetsk’s Budyonnovsky district, damage was caused to homes, a kindergarten and cars.*jk