Donetsk, Mar 8 — DAN. Fragments of multiple rocket launcher rounds fired by Ukrainian gunmen have been found at the scene of impact in Donetsk’s Kievsky district on Wednesday.

Earlier in the day, a single-family neighborhood in upper Gladovka near the Donbass Arena stadium came under fire. Two homes were damaged beyond repair in Kotsyubinsky and Baidukov Streets. Rescuers found a 70-year-old woman the debris of one of the houses. She was rushed to hospital. 

Utility companies sent large water trucks to help the rescuers combat the fires that broke out as a result of the shelling.

A DAN correspondent saw Investigative Committee officers inspecting the scene of shelling. They found fragments of “Grad” MLRS missiles which supposedly had been used to shell the area. 

The Joint Centre for Control and Coordination of issues related to Ukraine’s war crimes reported that Kiev gunmen in the Lastochkino village area fired ten projectiles at Donetsk’s Kievsky district at 12:48.*jk