Donetsk, Apr 7 — DAN. Workers are engaged in building a modern perinatal center in Donetsk seven days a week; such large-scale projects have not been implemented in the area for long years.

It was launched by the state-run non-profit company “Single Customer in the Field of Construction in September 2022.” The walls and the roof have been built by construction workers from Russian regions over seven months, and frontage works and window installation are underway.  Engineers are also installing utility lines, partitions and air vents, and are launching finishing works. 

A workers’ camp was set up on the construction site to keep the project running non-stop. Several hundred people and dozens of pieces of equipment are engaged in the construction every day. Police are maintaining security in the area.

The perinatal center is being built per President Vladimir Putin’s orders. Project completion deadline is the end of this year. The six-storey building sprawls on an area of 26,500 square meters and has an underground pass to a food catering unit.  The 140-bed facility will operate state-of-the-art medical equipment.*jk