Donetsk, Jun 8 — DAN. Ukrainian gunmen delivered a missile artillery strike at central Gorlovka on Thursday afternoon causing civilian casualties.

The enemy has launched seven attacks on Gorlovka since 6:00 mostly using 152mm artillery pieces and missile artillery. At 13:05, Ukrainian forces fired a salvo of 23 MLRS missiles targeting the town’s Tsentralno-Gorodskoy district. The missiles hit the “Shakhtyor” Cultural Center and the central market area. Two people were killed and another ten were wounded, according to the latest reports.

There is a burnt out car in front of the Cultural Center. A missile explosion smashed windows in the building which houses the Komtel mobile operator offices. Several cars sprayed with shrapnel are in the parking lot nearby.

 A Donetsk News Agency correspondent who arrived at the scene of shelling saw utility company personnel removing smashed window units and distributing plastic film to tenants.

Gorlovka mayor Ivan Prikhodko said that damage had been caused to central market buildings, the motor transport college dormitory and several single-family homes.*jk