Donetsk, Jun 19 — DAN. Nineteen civilians have been wounded in Ukrainian gunmen’s artillery attack on Volnovakha on Monday.

Damage was caused to a construction materials warehouse; all its windows were smashed and the cars parked nearby were punctured by shrapnel pieces. Many window units stored in and outside the hangar were destroyed.

A Donetsk News Agency correspondents saw six shell craters at the scene of shelling; damage was also caused to an office building.

The Volnovakha district emergency service told the Donetsk News Agency that 19 civilians have been wounded in the attack. The victims are receiving the necessary medical assistance.

Volnovakha was attacked at 9:10 on Monday. The enemy in the Kiev-held Vodyanoye north of Donetsk fired nine MPLS missiles at a residential area in Volnovakha which impacted next to a bus stop, school and humanitarian aid storage facility.*jk