Donetsk, Oct 5 - DAN. Active high-ranking employee of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) Lieutenant-Colonel Roman Labusov has defected to DPR.

“I’m an SBU Lieutenant-Colonel; I was in charge of encryption and document communication, I have defected to this side in order to expose the criminal activity of Ukraine’s leadership,” Labusov said at a news conference in Donetsk on Thursday.

According to Donetsk News Agency information, Labusov was born in Donetsk; he worked at an SBU department in Donetsk Region. He has served in Mariupol since 2014.

The SBU officer explained his defection by his loyalty to the oath which commits the serviceman to act in the interests of Ukrainian citizens. “What is happening now? Ukrainian servicemen who have taken the oath kill Ukrainian citizens. Who are they if they do it?” Labusov said.*jk