Donetsk, May 3 - DAN. Ukrainian nationalists tortured six civilians and shot and killed them  on the premises of the former refractory plant in the Chasov Yar town north of Gorlovka, a Donetsk People’s Republic military official said on Tuesday.

“The town is currnently occupied by Kiev forces but local residents already report crimes committed by gunmen,” DPR People’s Militia deputy commander Eduard Basurin said.

“Thanks to Chasov Yar residents’ information, we learnt that nationalists had tortured and shot and killed six detained civilians,” Basurin said.

He urged eye-witnesses in the DPR settlements that await liberation to covertly record facts of Ukrainian gunmen’s crimes. Photos and videos can be anonymously sent to DPR militia’s Telegram bot feedback @nmdnr_bot. These materials will be attached to the body of evidence to punish Kiev gunmen.

Ukrainian armed formations continue to ubiquitously use the population as a “human shield” preventing the evacuation of civilians who actually become hostages of the invaders. Retreating gunmen often fire at residential areas of the settlements where they had been deployed. *jk