Donetsk, Aug 12 — DAN. Ukrainian militants shelled the territory of the Stirol chemical plant in Gorlovka this afternoon, the mayor of the city Ivan Prikhodko said.

“Ukrainian armed formations fired at the Stirol plant. There enetrprise caught fire,” he said.

Further details were not immediately available.

Stirol is a key chemical industry enterprise in the Donbass. For a long time, the plant was one of the largest manufacturers of mineral fertilizers in Europe and supplied up to 3% of the world exports of ammonia and other chemicals, compounds and products. With the outbreak of hostilities, the plant suspended operations.

On February 18, a group of Ukrainian saboteurs tried to blow up ammonia storage tanks at Stirol. During the attack, a security guard of the enterprise, who spotted the intruders, was injured. *ot