Donetsk, Aug 18 — DAN. Ukrainian gunmen have shelled the Krinichnaya settlement in northwestern Makeyevka damaging railway tracks, a Town Hall official said.

“The Krinichnaya settlement area in the Sovetsky district took damage, ” the official said. “Projectiles have hit Pushkin Street and a train tunnel between Pushkin and Donetskaya Street s; the tunnel has a through hole, tracks and supports have been damaged.”

The train service on this stretch has been suspended, he added.

The Krinichnaya railway station is located on the route that links the DPR with Russia.

The Joint Centre for Control and Coordination reported that Ukrainian forces had fired three NATO standard 155mm projectiles at the district. The strike was delivered from the Ukraine-held village of Orlovka outside Avdeyevka at approximately 8:40, the JCCC said.*jk