Donetsk, Sep 29 — DAN. Two elderly people have been wounded in explosions of “Lepestok” anti-personnel mines in Donetsk’s Kirovsky district, city mayor Alexey Kulemzin said on Thursday.

“A 90-year-old man and 87-year-old woman were reportedly wounded in explosions of prohibited ‘Lepestok’ anti-personnel mines in a single family neighborhood of the Kirvosky district, ” Kulemzin wrote on Telegram.

The victims were rushed to city hospital No 24, he added.

Ukrainian gunmen have been remotely mining Donetsk residential areas with banned PFM-1 mines for several months. More than 70 civilians have been wounded in explosions of this type of mines.

Two civilians have been killed and another four have been wounded as a result of Ukrainian aggression since early Thursday.*jk