Donetsk, Sep 1 — DAN. Two children have been wounded in a Ukrainian artillery attack at the Chervonogvardeisky district in western Makeyevka, the Donetsk People’s Republic Territorial Defense Headquarters said on Thursday.

“Ukrainian armed formations attacked Makeyevka’s Chervonogvardeisky district; two boys aged 12 and 11 were wounded in Fabritius Street, ” the report said.

The territorial defense center urged residents of the district not to leave home unless necessary.

 A part of the schools in the DPR launched classes online due to tense military situation as a new academic year began in the Republic on Thursday. Overall, 594 DPR schools started online or onsite classes.

Earlier reports on Thursday said that two civilians had been killed and one had been wounded in the Kirovsky district in western Donetsk; the latest territorial defense report said that the number of fatalities had increased to three as had the number of the wounded.*jk