Donetsk, Aug 25 — DAN. Ukrainian armed formations have shelled the Stirol and Transammiak plants in Gorlovka on Thursday, town administration head Ivan Prikhodko said.

“A 110 kW electrical substation on the premises of the Stirol plant and the roof of the Transammiak state-owned enterprise are on fire, ” Prikhodko said. “Firefighting crews are on the way.”

Gorlovka’s Stirol plant last came under fire on August 12. At that time, the shelling started a fire at the construction materials store.

“Stirol” is a key chemical company in Donbass. It used to be one of Europe’s largest producers of mineral fertilizers accounting for 3 percent of the world’s exports of ammonia and other chemicals and compounds thereof. The plant suspended operation as fighting broke out in the region.*jk