Donetsk, Feb 3 — DAN. Fifty-six civilians in the liberated part of the Volnovakha district have been killed in shelling by Kiev forces since March 2022, district administration head Konstantin Zinchenko told the Donetsk News Agency on Friday.

“Since the liberation of the town and district on March 11, 2022, 56 civilians have been killed in the Volnovakha district in the period to January 31, 2023, ” Zinchenko said.

Another 150 civilians were wounded in the designated period, he added.

Volnovakha district is located southwest of Donetsk. The DPR took control of its administrative center, the town of Volnovakha, on March 11, 2022, and liberated a large part of the district the next day. It is a key rail and motor transport hub on the way to Mariupol. Fighting left 85 percent of buildings in the town damaged including 19 hospitals, kindergartens and schools.*jk