Donetsk, Aug 25 — DAN. The woman who was wounded in northwestern outskirts of Gorlovka in shelling by Ukrainian forces earlier on Thursday has died of her wounds, town administration head Ivan Prikhodko said.

“Much to our regret, the civilian who was wounded in the Ukrainian strike at the Shakhta Izotova settlement has died, ” Prikhodko wrote on Telegram. “Bright be her memory.”

The Joint Centre for Control and Coordination reported that Ukrainian forces had begun to shell the town from 6:00. As of now, the enemy has fired some 40 155mm and 152mm projectiles at Gorlovka, and another 79 rounds of ammunition have been fired at the Zaitsevo neighborhood including “Uragan” projectiles which carried PFM “Lepestok” anti-personnel mines.

Earlier on Thursday, reports said that a woman had been killed in Gorlovka’s Tsentarlno-Gorodskoy district and that her two children had been wounded.*jk