Donetsk, Dec 22 — DAN. Former chief of the Roskosmos space corporation Dmitry Rogozin who leads the Tsar’s Wolves group of military advisers has said that he will need surgery after the artillery attack at Donetsk on Wednesday in which he was wounded.

“Somebody leaked the information, and several precision strikes were delivered at around 19:45; the place we were staying at came under attack as well, ” Rogozin wrote on Telegram.  “They used 120mm or 155mm caliber. Investigators will find out who did it where the attack came from. I was wounded, a 3×4mm metal fragment punctured the body above the right shoulder blade.  I need surgery. Several of my associates were hurt as well.”

He added that Ukrainian forces purposefully fired at the hotel which had not been shelled for eight years. The group led by Rogozin has been living in the hotel for the past few months.

Earlier reports said that Rogozin and Donetsk People’s Republic government chairman Vitaly Khotsenko were wounded in Ukrainian gunmen’s artillery attack at Donetsk.*jk