Donetsk, Jan 12 — DAN. A Donetsk supermarket motor depot with no military targets has come under Kiev artillery fire on Thursday.

The strike was delivered from the Kiev-held village of Paraskoviyevka south of Maryinka. The enemy fired five 155mm (NATO standard) projectiles. It is the caliber of French-made and British-US howitzers supplied to the Kiev regime by the West for further aggression against Donbass.

The projectiles hit the motor depot of a popular Donetsk supermarket chain killing one employee and wounding another four.  They punctured the roof of the structure, smashed windows and damaged several trucks.

The photo shows that there were no military targets on the premises. The Ukrainian army continues to fight against civilians. Personnel of the Joint Centre for Control and Coordination of issues related to Ukraine’s war crimes are working at the site. According to preliminary information, the enemy fired GPS-guided M982 Excalibur projectiles. *jk