Donetsk, Jun 2 - DAN. Ukrainian gunmen’s strikes have caused new damage to the Yasinovsky Coke and Chemical Plant in Makeyevka, the Joint Centre for Control and Coordination (JCCC) reported on Thursday.

"The JCCC DPR received information that Yasinovsky Coke and Chemical Factory, located on USSR 50th Anniversary Street in Makeyevka’s Kirovsky district, took damage in a strike by Ukrainian armed formations,” the report said.

The strike was delivered at 13:50 from the Kiev-controlled Avdeyevka; the enemy expended ten 155mm projectiles.

Ukrainian armed formations shelled the factory on June 1 wounding a worker and damaging a gas chimney and more than 60 windows. On May 31, a strike set a gas pipe on fire on company premises. The fire was extinguished in three hours. Nobody was hurt.

The Yasinovsky Coke and Chemical Factory is located in northern Makeyevka less than a kilometer away from a residential area and the town’s central railway terminal. *jk