Donetsk, Dec 28 — DAN. The suspects in the family of eight murder case in Makeyevka stole a car, more than 60,000 rubles, a game console and a mobile phone, the Donetsk People’s Republic Interior Ministry press service said on Wednesday.

“The woman (one of the detainees — eds Donetsk News Agency) often did household chores for the family for remuneration, ” the police said.  “When she came for a side job again, her brother and her friend who had been drinking alcoholic beverages since the morning entered the house with her to continue partying.”

The woman said her brother’s debt had prompted the crime. “My brother got into trouble and urgently needed some 15,000 rubles which is no small amount. He had to pay, that’s why he committed the crime, ” she said. 

The men wanted to throw a grenade into the house at first, but then the woman’s brother pulled an assault rifle and shot and killed the people inside, the detainee said.  “(I killed — eds DAN) the senior first and then those who were to the right. I never took a good look at how many there were, I don’t remember everybody. I know there were eight of them; I killed them all, ” said one of the suspects. 

After the shooting, his sister and her partner entered the house from the backyard and searched it taking 60,000 rubles, a game console and a phone. Then they stole the family car.*jk