Donetsk, Oct 5 - DAN. Head of Ukrainian secret service (SBU) encryption division in Donetsk Region Roman Labusov launched a website and posted the first SBU documents.

Four texts have been published so far; all documents are classified.

The first document, sent by the headquarters of so-called “anti-terrorist operation” concerns the arrival in the conflict zone of a U.S. delegation which included head of the U.S. Senate Committee on Armed Services John McCain and Senator Tom Cotton. The text noted that the purpose of the visit was security assessment in Donbass and meetings with the commanders in charge of Sectors “B,” “M”, “OK” and “Vostok.”

The second document is an encrypted telegram from Ukrainian secret service (SBU) Donetsk Region department head Colonel Lizogub about the recruitment of a Mariupol resident whom SBU agents forced into disseminating misinformation in DPR.

Labusov also posted memoranda from Donetsk Region police department chief General Abroskin and SBU 5th Department head Colonel Dubrovin. The first focused on the crimes committed by gunmen of the radical Aidar group while the second concerned weapons trafficking in the Ukrainian army.

Full texts are available on

Earlier on Thursday, Labusov told a news conference in Donetsk that he decided to quit the service at SBU and defect to DPR. He said he had several thousand confidential documents of Ukrainian secret services and that all of them would be published on the new website.*jk