Donetsk, Jun 20 — DAN. Ukrainian attacks on Donetsk have claimed 12 civilian lives and left 93 people injured over the week, the city mayor Alexey Kulemzin said.

“Over the past week Ukrainian militants shelled Donetsk 291 times, unfortunately, causing victims, 12 civilians were killed, among them two first responders on duty, and a child; 93 civilians were injured, including five children,” he said.

As a result of attacks, 52 multifamily houses, 88 private houses, 27 public buildings, 19 infrastructural facilities, 20 city buses were damaged.

The enemy mostly used 152 mm and 155 mm artillery, Grad and Uragan MLRS, that cause massive damage.

“All the nine districts of Donetsk are under fire. The worst attacks were launched on Kievskiy, Kuibyshevskiy, Kirovskiy, Petrovskiy, Voroshilovskiy districts,” Kulemzin said.*ot