Donetsk, Aug 8 — DAN. Ukrainian army keeps scattering PMF-1 butterfly mines over Donetsk, the DPR Territorial Defence HQ said.

“Ukrainian militants delivered a strike on the Kirovskiy district scattering banned anti-personnel PMF-1 ‘Petal’ pressure-sensitive mines,” the report reads.

The mines were discovered at Yasinovatskaya and Odintsova streets.

“Stay alert and cautious! Do not touch such UXO under any circumstances, save your life and health! If you detect an UXO call 101,” the HQ warned.

PFM-1 is a scatterable anti-personnel land mine of Soviet and Russian production. It is also known as a Green Parrot or Butterfly Mine. As a mine made of plastic, it is primarily aimed at the civilian population, it is intended not to kill but to maim.

Some modifications are equipped with a self-destruction mechanism initiated after 1-40 hours from the moment of planting. The timing depends on the air temperature.

If an adult triggers such a mine, he will most probably be maimed. Children and animals are unlike to survive the encounter with a PFM-1. *ot