Donetsk, Dec 19 — DAN. A civilian was wounded in the Alexandrovka settlement in western Donetsk in an artillery strike by Kiev forces on Monday morning, the Joint Centre for Control and Coordination of issues related to Ukraine’s war crimes (JCCC) reported.

Kiev gunmen fired at Alexandrovka three 152mm artillery rounds from their positions in Krasnogorova at around 6:00. A 47-year-old man was wounded and two houses were damaged in the strike, the JCCC said.

In Khartsyzsk, one civilian was wounded when  Ukrainian forces fired six HIMARS missiles at the town. The infrastructure of the Silur wire and cable plant was damaged.

Over the past 24 hours, one civilian was killed and another four were wounded in the DPR. The fatality was a hospital patient. One of the four victims was wounded in hospital.*jk