Donetsk, Jul 28 — DAN. “Lepestok” (petal) anti-personnel mines have been found at nine locations in Donetsk’s Kuibyshevsky and Kievsky districts, Donetsk People’s Republic Territorial Defense Headquarters reported on Wednesday night.

“Ukrainian gunmen delivered a missile strike at Donetsk scattering banned PMF-1 ‘Lepestok’ pressure-type anti-personnel mines, ” the HQ said. “Ambulance personnel dispatched to an address found a large number of PMF-1 mines scattered by Ukrainian MLRS.”

This ammunition was sighted in Manezhnaya, Sbezhneva, Novoyasinovatskya, Rabfakovskaya, Svetlichanya, Artyomovskaya Streets and Tischenko Lane in Donetsk’s Kuibyshevsky district and Putilvoskaya and Kuinzhi Streets in the Kievsky district.

The HQ urged city residents to be vigilant and careful, noting that Kiev gunmen might have targeted other locations as well.

The authorities also urged residents to immediately call the Emergencies Ministry or police upon funding explosive hazards.

PMF-1 “Lepestok” is a pressure-activated mine of Soviet production. It has two varieties, PMF-1 and PMF-1 °C. The first variety has no self-destruct mechanism while PMF-1 °C can self-destruct upon the expiration of one to 40 hours since the time of installation. The time before self-destruct depends on ambient temperature. If an adult steps on “Lepestok, ” it will cripple him for life. For children, stepping on Lepestok is likely to be fatal.

Earlier, more than 300 “Lepestok” mines were defused in Yasinovataya.*jk