Donetsk, Mar 19 - DAN. The Donetsk People’s Republic Prosecutor General’s Office opened four criminal cases against senior Ukrainian army commanders complicit in the shelling of DPR areas, the PGO press service said on Tuesday.

“Criminal proceedings were opened against four Ukrainian army commanders over strikes delivered at DPR areas in March 2019,” the report said.

The suspects were identified as Ukrainian army 58th Separate Motorised Infantry Brigade commander Mikhail Drapatiy, 79th Air Assault Brigade commander Valery Kurach, 93rd Separate Mechanised Brigade commander Dmitriy Bryzhinskiy and 30th Separate Mechanised Brigade commander Ivan Garaz.

They issued orders to shell Donetsk and Gorlovka and their neighbourhoods Golmovskiy, Dolomitnoye, and Zaitsevo and the Sakhanka and Kominternovo villages in southern DPR, prosecutors said.

These strikes left two civilians dead and 25 houses damaged.

The cases are handled by the PGO Investigation Department on the strength of Article 229 of the DPR’s Criminal Code (commission of act of terrorism).*jk*pp