Фото из телеграм-канала мэра Донецка

Donetsk, Sep 12 — DAN. Sixty-four civilians in the Donetsk People’s R: epublic have triggered Ukrainian “Lepestok” anti-personnel mines since July, the Joint Centre for Control and Coordination (JCCC) reported on Monday.

“The Republic has recorded 64 cases of civilians’ being caught in ‘Lepestok’ PFM mine explosions including two children, ” the JCCC said adding that one of the victims died in hospital.

In the latest incident reported on Monday afternoon, a 69-year-old resident of Donetsk’s Kirovsky district was wounded in a “Lepestok” blast. He was taken to Hospital No 24.

PFM-1 “Lepestok” is a pressure-activated mine of Soviet production. It has two varieties, PFM-1 and PFM-1 °C.   The latter has a self-destruct mechanism which activates depending on ambient temperature.

If an adult steps on “Lepestok, ” it will cripple him for life. For children, stepping on Lepestok is likely to be fatal. If a car runs into a “Lepestok” its tyre may burst.*jk