Zugres, Jul 22 - DAN. Zuyev Electromechanical  Plant resumed operation after repairing the damage caused by fighting. The company has idled for about seven years; at present, it has put cast iron production back online.

Of the 24 units, only the foundry is functioning. It has two slack coal-fired furnaces. Donbass has dozens of millions of tons of this fuel.  DPR Head Denis Pushilin inspected plant facilities on Thursday.

“The enterprise has been relaunched after seven-year shutdown. It has plans to use for raws dozens of millions of tons of slack coal that piled up in the DPR and the LPR and can be fully recycled,” Pushilin said.

Plant facilities were seriously damaged during the fighting. Foundry repairs lasted some two months and required service lines replacement. The plant opened in the beginning of this summer, but this fact was not reported until today. Its products are exported. Forty jobs were created, DPR Industry and Trade Minister Vladimir Ruschak said. The enterprise can produce some 1,000 tons of products every month.

Zuyev Electromechanical Plant was founded in 1946. It had employed 5,500 people before the Donbass conflict broke out. It repeatedly came under fire during the fighting in the region.*jk