Torez, Nov 23 - DAN. Torez Electrotechnical Plant (TEZ) launched an excavator assembly line; the manufactured equipment will be put on the books of DPR towns and districts. The company displayed the first two power shovels in one of its shops on Thursday.

DPR head Alexander Zakharchenko, Council of Ministers Deputy Chairman Dmitriy Trapeznikov and acting Industry and Trade Minister Alexey Granovskiy came to TEZ to check the quality of the assembly.

“I’m proud of DPR’s launching a tractor assembly line,” Zakharchenko told reporters. “It’s semi knocked down assembly; in the future, we’ll manufacture accessories for our companies. These two tractors will go to Debaltsevo today for snow cleaning.”

“According to town administration heads, they need 40 such tractors at present and many more in the future,” he added.

TEZ Director Igor Nevalenniy said that the excavators and attachables had been delivered from Russia. The DPR company is currently undergoing conversion.

“We’re developing capability for specialised wheeled machinery. We’ve assembled two loader-diggers thus far,” Nevalenniy said. “In the future, we plan to manufacture equipment for  utility companies in DPR towns and districts.” It will includes multi-purpose shovels, blades,  snow removing equipment, asphalt cutters, boring rigs etc.”

TEZ was founded in 1949 based on mining equipment repair shops. The company repeatedly came under fire during the Donbass conflict; its repair and construction site and pumping station were damaged. At present, the company employs some 60 people and operates assembly, welding, metal working and plastic production shops. *jk