Donetsk, Mar 27 — DAN. The program to revive the Donetsk People’s Republic industry initiated by the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade is worth dozens of billion rubles, said DPR government First Deputy Chairman Rustam Mingazov.

“The program’s budget has been estimated; it can change as measures can come or go, ” Mingazov said in an interview with the Donetsk News Agency. “I won’t tell the precise figure but it reaches dozens of billion rubles.”

A part of state support instruments will be provided on a competitive basis which can also affect the funding, he said.

“A company applies for participation in a Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade contest with its program, pilot batch or R& D (research and development — eds Donetsk News Agency); it can win or not. But we understand that the Ministry will provide maximum support for the new regions at the context, ” Migazov said.

Earlier reports said that the DPR industry development program could be adopted within a month. The revival of industrial production is also envisioned by the socio-economic development program which is in the works as well.*jk