Donetsk, Oct 25 – DAN. New metal profile sheet factory Profdonmet has been launched in Donetsk.

"We started the enterprise in April. We purchased machinery, searched for experts, brought coiled steel from Russia. We did a lot on our own, without any help," said Profdonmet director Yuriy Stryukov.

Currently the factory runs one workshop with three production lines in operation that produce profile sheets for fences, wall lining and roof covers. Four people are employed at the moment, but the factory is going to take up more staff in future.

Two lines were launched today and the first batch of sheets was made.

"Unfortunately we face a lot of challenges. Raws are delivered from Magnitogorsk (Chelyabinsk region, Russia), " deputy director Alexander Kumurzhi said. "But we're not gonna stop."

He told journalists the factory's capacity is 50 thousand sq m of metal profile sheet per month.

Profdonmet is situated in Budyenovskiy district in the south-east of Donetsk. This is the third manufacturer of decking and roof covers in DPR. Profdonmet is about to build up capacity and launch new production lines, volumes depending on orders.